Data & Analytics

Harness the power of detailed dashboards, dynamic KPI reporting, live telemetry, proprietary event tracking (GETS), and thorough game audits & logs to drive data-driven decisions and amplify the gaming experience.


Our intuitive dashboards readily integrate with your game, offering a granular view of key performance indicators that empower you to make data-driven decisions, optimize your strategies, and ultimately enhance the player experience.
KPI Reporting
Measure and analyze the player experience within the game software across various timescales, fully integrated into our reporting tools.
Realtime Telemetry
Delivers a live data feed directly from the heart of your game, offering unparalleled insights into players' experiences within the game and operational performance metrics. From what game modes players are queued up for to wait times, adapt strategies on the fly and identify opportunities for improvement.
General Event Tracking System (GETS)
A proprietary data pipeline infrastructure that allows developers to store custom event data speciifc to their game for further analysis. GETS collects general in-game event data from various sources, such as the game client, game instance, and backend.
Audits & Game Logs
Through our centralized tooling, on a player or match level, pull game server logs, core dump files, and various other game server files to help you understand and resolve end-user reported game issues.