The RallyHere team

Our Story

Based in Atlanta, RallyHere began with a mission to democratize the landscape of the live-service games sector. We recognized the challenges of the cost, resources, and complexities overshadowing the live game development process - and sought to eliminate them. Our solution is RallyHere: A comprehensive service offering a complete product suite for live-service cross-platform games. Pioneering the field with cutting-edge tools and technologies, we're the co-pilot game developers need in their journey to build, launch, and maintain a thriving live-service game!

Our battle-tested team of veteran gaming experts has over a century of collective experience in the Live Service Game industry. Stewart Chisam (CEO), John Workman (COO), and Phil Collins (CTO), are working alongside several developers, designers, analysts, and producers from Hi-Rez Ventures. With RallyHere, you're never alone in your quest for game development. We integrate ourselves as part of your team, providing steadfast guidance and support at every phase of your live-service game development journey.

Currently powering the gaming backend for five upcoming titles from unannounced, external partners and six additional games from Hi-Rez Studios, RallyHere boasts a rich history spanning 15 years in the gaming industry and offers steadfast support to over 200 million players across several iconic titles.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Stew Chisam

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John Workman

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Phil Collins

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Pritesh Patel

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Director, Product

Darryl Lister

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Director, LiveOps